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Directions: Read the story carefully. The Cruel Emperor
In an ancient kingdom of Mexico, there once lived a cruel emperor. He demanded heavy taxes from the people. He
sent to jail or killed those who offended him. He ordered people to bow before him
The king loved hunting very much. He ordered that no one would cut wood, or hunt in any forests in the kingdom And
the king spied on people who would disobey him.
One day, he put on his beggar's disguise. He went to the forest hoping to find an offender. He saw a young boy
gathering dry small sticks outside the forest.
"What are those dry sticks?" asked the emperor
"Firewood to cook our meals," replied Temo.
"Ha! Ha! Ha! What heat would those small sticks give? Why don't you go to the emperor's forest and gather firewood
there?" teased the emperor. Temo looked at the beggar. He was sad,
"Our emperor is a very cruel man. He loves making life miserable for his people. I am so sad for him. He does not
know that whoever does evil will be taken by evil" The young boy took his bundle of sticks and left.
The emperor was bothered. What does he really get from his cruelty? His people are afraid of him. He has nobody to
talk to. He eats his meals alone. Whenever he goes around his palace, servants run away. He envies his prime
minister. People greet and smile at him. People are happy when the Prime Minister is around.
Most of all, the emperor was afraid. When would evil overtake him?
Activity 1: answer the following questions. Write your answers on the space provided
1. Where is the setting of the story?
2. Who are the characters in the story?
3. Why was the emperor called a cruel emperor?
4. Why did the emperor have to disguise before going to the forest?
5. What happened to him in the forest?

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Directions: Read the story carefully. The Cruel Emperor
In an ancient kingdom of Mexico, there...
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