What safety practices or precautionary measures are specific to the needlecraft ​

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. Before you begin, hide your hair for convenience;

2. The light should fall on the working surface from the left side or from the front.

Safety precautions when working with fabric, thread and accessories:

1. Keep all needlework during work breaks in the product package;

2. Keep all small parts from the set in special bags with a zip lock;

3. When working do not bite through the thread with your teeth or tear it with your hands;

4. The length of a thread when sewing must not exceed the length of the distance to the elbow;

5. When working with seed bead, use shallow containers (e.g. saucer);

6. When working with bulk materials put on a face mask.

Safety precautions when working with needles, pins and knitting needles:

1. Keep needles and pins at a certain place (a special box, cushion, etc.), do not leave them at the workplace, never take the needle, pins in your mouth and do not stick them in the clothes. Do not leave a needle and pins in the product;

2. Use thimble when sewing;

3. Do not use rusty needles and pins in your work;

4. Attach patterns to fabric with sharp ends of pins away from you;

5. Collect and dispose of pieces of broken needles or pins, wrapped in paper;

6. Count the number of pins taken before work and the number of pins at the end of the work, it must be the same;

7. Keep knitting needles and the hook in the case, at the end of the work remove them out of reach of small children;

8. When working with knitting needles keep them no closer than 35 centimeters from your eyes.

Safety precautions when working with scissors:

1. Keep the scissors in the case and out of reach of children;

2. When working, do not leave the scissors blades open;

3. Do not hold scissors with sharp sides up, and do not use them when central fastener is weakened;

4. When working closely observe the direction of cutting. Do not cut in motion;

5. When working hold the material with your left hand so that the fingers are away from the blade.

Safety precautions when working with electric appliances:

1. Before operating the appliance, check that the cord is in proper condition, and if there are any faults, correct them;

2. Turn on and turn off the appliance, holding the plug with dry hands;

3. Do not leave the active appliance unattended;

4. Place iron only on a special heat-resistant stand;

5. When working, make sure that the cord does not touch the iron soleplate;

6. Keep the appliance in an upright position;

7. Choose an ironing mode suiting the fabric composition;

8. When ironing, do not touch hot surfaces of the iron with hands and do not dampen the fabric being ironed with plenty of water.

Safety precautions when working on the sewing machine:

1. Before starting work remove needles and pins from the product;

2. Check the holding strength of the needle and presser;

3. When working, the distance to the machine has to be 10-15 cm;

4. No foreign objects have to be located next to the machine during operation;

5. When sewing, hands have to be at a safe distance from the moving parts of the machine.

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